• Marabu Corporate Film
    Everybody in the world has the chance to encounter daily at least five products which were decorated with Marabu inks and paints.
  • Climate Protection -  we go along

    Climate Protection - we go along

    With Project Green, we commit us to climate protection. Learn more about our cooperation with Climate Partner and our journey to climate neutrality.
  • Creative Colours

    Creative Colours

    Marabu Creative Colours offers an exceptional range of inspiring paints and beautiful design ideas. We develop easy-to-use products with guaranteed success.
  • Not all inks are created equal

    Not all inks are created equal

    Our mantra is quality over quantity: we aim to provide superior, tailor-made inks that enhance our customers’ productivity.
  • Excellence in Ink

    Excellence in Ink

    The Marabu name is synonymous with excellence in ink, and we continue to chart a strong course. Our job portal offers you a chance to play your part and become actively involved in a successful, dynamic company. Start your future with Marabu today.

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG

Marabu Printing Inks

Marabu is a world-leading manufacturer of screen, digital, and pad printing inks as well as liquid coatings. Thanks to their unique features, our printing inks provide an enormous variety of solutions for graphic and industrial printing applications.

Printing Inks

Marabu Creative Colours

Marabu Creative Colours offer a comprehensive full range of inspiring paints, practical stencils, Handy stamps and useful tools, that give each home uniquely beautiful and individual highlights.


Creative Colours


By using enviromentally friendly materials, energy-saving programs and resource-efficient production methods, we reduce our impact on the enviroment and continue to reduce our carbon foodprint. We are committed to reducing our emissions by a further 20% over the next 10 years.

Baden-Württemberg Climate Alliance


Marabu Company

Marabu has been a synonym for high-quality specialist paints with the quality seal “Made in Germany” for over 150 years. Development and production of our range of currently 20,000 products are always focused on the customers and on the market. With experience, competence and an eye for detail. Our two successful divisions manufacture products which are extremely user-friendly. Whether inks for special printing processes or paints for hobby and crafts – Marabu is the number 1 in both worlds.

Marabu Company

Marabu Worldwide