Industrial development and environmental protection go hand in hand

Our journey to climate neutrality

It is our duty to protect our natural habitat so that it is also worth living in for future generations. We at Marabu are aware of this responsibility. As a company in the chemical industry, we feel a special obligation to be active in environmental protection and to commit ourselves to sustainable production methods. We pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials, logistics and manufacturing processes. That is why we have also been reducing energy consumption for years and use 100% green electricity.

In our opinion, industrial progress and environmental protection are not contradictory, but go hand in hand. State-of-the-art production equipment and techniques , for example, conserve resources through their lower energy consumption. Furthermore, we are constantly working on switching to less harmful substances used in our inks, which also makes an important contribution to environmental protection.

Knowing that resources are naturally limited, we use them wisely.

Climate protection policy - We go along

The German government's climate protection policy sets ambitious targets. National greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. In 2050, Germany is to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality.

We at Marabu are committed to this target and know that this can only be achieved if everyone contributes. As an ink manufacturing company, we have a special obligation for environmental and climate protection. For many years, sustainable action has been firmly anchored in our company philosophy, so that we continue to improve in this area every day.

Marabu is a climate-neutral company

Marabu has been climate neutral since July 2021. This marks another important milestone in our sustainability strategy. With the certification as a "climate-neutral company", we show that we are actively working to live up to our responsibility. In addition to our established specialists, ClimatePartner is a strong and advisory partner in questions of climate neutrality. Together with other certified companies, we are making our contribution to climate neutrality.

In this course, we were awarded the "climate neutral" label, which stands for transparent and credible climate protection. Our carbon footprint as well as our climate protection projects are traceable via an ID number and the ClimatePartner ID-tracking.

How was the procedure

In order to achieve the ambitious target of climate neutrality, we recorded and analysed all C02 emissions from raw material extraction to production and logistics as well as employee mobility at our Tamm and Bietigheim sites in the financial year 2019 and calculated the total CO2 emissions from Scope 1 up to Scope 3 (carbon footprint). ClimatePartner was a great help to us in this respect.

With the result of the calculated carbon footprint and the knowledge gained, we can further advance our sustainability strategy and have launched the "Project Green" to implement it. The measures within the project further contribute to the avoidance and reduction of our emissions. The goal is to reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions of the German sites until 2032 by at least 1.093 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of paint produced compared to the base year 2021/2022 (07.2021-06.2022). This corresponds to a greenhouse gas reduction of 20%.

We compensate all unavoidable C02 emissions by supporting internationally certified climate protection projects that save C02, for example through reforestation measures, the collection of used plastic to prevent marine pollution or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies with climate-friendly alternatives.

We support climate projects

Global inequality and climate change are an enormous burden, especially in developing countries. Time to act! With carefully selected climate protection projects, Marabu is dedicated to actively helping to create a more balanced world.

All projects are certified according to the demanding Gold Standard with the strict GS CER certificate and thus meet particularly high requirements: They save greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable development on site. In this way, Marabu can effectively offset unavoidable C02 emissions. In this way, the traditional company makes an important contribution to making the targets of the German government and the Paris Agreement a reality.