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Our Enviromental Policy - Guiding Principles

Marabu's overriding goal is to protect the natural world and conserve its essential resources – air, water and soil. Minimising the environmental impact of our production activities is an ongoing task that constantly presents us with new challenges.

1. Responsibility
Safeguarding human life and the environment is integral to all relevant business processes. We oblige all our employees to comply fully with all relevant duties and policies.

2. Products
We develop state-of-the-art products with low emissions across their entire lifecycle.We prioritise water-based systems and the use of renewable materials.

3. Use of hazardous materials
We choose all our raw materials with the greatest care. Where technically feasible, we avoid the use of hazardous substances that require special safety precautions. Wherever possible, we employ less harmful substitutes that pose much lower health risks.

4. Resource efficiency
Responsible consumption of raw materials and energy-efficient production processes help conserve primary natural resources while improving the cost-efficiency of our business. We focus on the circular economy and believe the use of inks is no obstacle to recycling printed substrates.

Weprioritise renewable and in-house generated energy. Externally sourced wood is exclusively from sustainable forestry. Operations at our two main sites are entirely carbon-neutral, and the role of carbon offsets is being continuously reduced.

5. Assessment and improvement
We continuously assess our environmental management practices and outcomes, in terms of opportunities, risks and quantifiable key performance indicators. This enables us to identify potential improvements and initiate corresponding action.

6. Investment
Our investment decisions contribute to achieving our environmental goals. Efficient, state-of-the-art plant and equipment, and advanced IT systems, reduce energy demand.

7. Communications and transparency
We engage in open dialogue, both internally and externally. The knowledge and experience of all employees play a key role in continuous improvement. We promote the training and ongoing skills development of our staff. We take account of the requirements of stakeholder groups and respond transparently. Our commitment to health and safety, and to the environment, is reflected by our active participation in chemical industry associations.