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Responsibility for Humanity and the Environment

  • Creating first-class products with maximum resource efficiency and eco-friendliness – this is our goal, every day.
  • Clean air, pure water and uncontaminated soil are nature’s gifts, and must be preserved for future generations at all costs.
  • For decades, we have developed products geared to reducing the impact on both users and the environment.
  • Our strict exclusion list for hazardous materials goes above and beyond even the EuPIA list.
  • We actively protect the climate and continuously reduce our carbon footprint. Where this is not (yet) possible, we offset our CO2 emissions through recognised climate protection projects.
Prizes and Accolades

Our commitment to eco-friendliness has won us multiple accolades. In 2005, 2011, 2013 and 2014, we won the SGIA Sustainability Recognition Award, and in 2012 we also received an award from Responsible Care – a global initiative that commits the chemical industry to high health, safety and environmental standards – in recognition of our efficient use of resources.