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Quality - Environment - Safety

Marabu’s management system, which combines quality, environmental protection and occupational health and safety, is mandatory for all employees and is accessible at all times on the Intranet in the form of the Marabu Management Handbook.

This ensures maximum reliability and compliance across the entire value chain and continuous improvement.

Our main production facilities in Tamm and Bietigheim-Bissingen have been certified to ISO 9001 since 1995, and to ISO 14001 since 2003, representing our simultaneous commitment to quality and corporate environmental protection.

Our commitment knows no bounds

In 2010, we restructured the entire Marabu Group. As a result, our subsidiaries have become more and more tightly integrated with company headquarters. To ensure that we apply the same high quality standards worldwide, we have documented all of our core processes in a binding QES Requirements Guide. This guide is available online in the Marabu Management Handbook in the national languages of all our subsidiaries.

We have followed this up by extending our commitment to quality and environmental protection to the entire Marabu group. Our subsidiaries in Sweden, Brazil, USA, China and France have now been certified to the same ISO standards as the main production facilities in Germany.

As diverse as the global Marabu Group may be, we all belong to a company with a proud history and a clear focus on top-quality products, manufactured under fair conditions.

Accordingly, our products are manufactured in accordance with the eight ILO core labor standards (ILO = International Labour Organisation). Compliance with these standards and all relevant laws is the subject of our internal compliance guidelines.