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Marabu as an Employer

As a mid-size family-run company specialising in manufacturing and distributing top-end printing and creative inks the world over, we set the bar with our innovative, exciting solutions for over 160 years.

Our employees and their contributions are central to our business.

By acting responsibly and sharing their knowledge and skills, each employee contributes to the high regard in which the name Marabu and our products stand. 

Our 500 employees – 320 in Germany and 180 at our international subsidiaries – form a strong team. To support our staff, we ensure the smooth running of the entire organisation through clearly defined procedures and responsibilities.

We pool our knowledge and support each other and offer a range of activities and events to strengthen our sense of community. As a result, our employees feel part of the Marabu family, wherever they are in the world.

(Image: Our HR-Team)


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